Cotton Belting Fabric

Our ducks in the range of 28 Ozs. to 48 Ozs., which conform to the specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards, are widely used by the belt manufacturers in India as reinforcement material. Our ducks are manufactured from a variety of high grade cottons carefully selected in signature machinery- Picanol president looms.

We take pride in our Quality Assurance programme which involves continuous monitoring of all quality parameters at each stage of production to ensure ducks meet the tensile strength and elongation specifications.

Apart from standard specifications our belts can also be custom designed. We supply continuous lengths of upto 300 m and width of upto 165 cms.


These duck, normally of either 31 or 34 Os. conform to variety No. 9 and 10 of the Bureau of Indian Standards. Our product for power transmission belts are designed with high modules of elasticity to gaurantee low elongation of the belt in performance.


For usage in conveyor belting applications especially for fire resistance requirements, our soft duck comes with a soft handle.