Other Ancillary Fabric

Bonded Textiles deals in myriad of auxillary fabrics catering to manufacturing processes in various industries. Our technical expertise and years of experience enable us to provide best suited products as per customer requirement.


Square woven fabric with true isotropic configuration owing to same Nylon CF yarn in warp/weft and biaxial tension control in dipping process. Can be supplied in 76-140cm width in moisture and UV- controlled packaging.


Best grade raw materials(Cotton spun, Synthetic spun, Synthetic CF) used in Plain/Twill/Satin weave as per customer requirement to ensure required air permeability, rate of filtration besides effective particle retention and easy cake release property.


Heavy GSM fabric woven out of high tenacity cotton yarn in dense constructional design to facilitate optimum pressure on rubber goods at the time of curing.


We can supply Cotton(RS) ducks, PC ducks and CP duck (designed with Composite yarn of Polyester CF twisted with Cotton yarn) for use as Pad Cloth in the process of Hydraulic Press curing of V belt.